Tri-State Windshield Repair
Commitment to Windshield Repair

Save Time. Save Money. Save a Windshield!

Today's windshields are more than just glass. They're carefully engineered systems that play an integral part in the aerodynamics, fuel economy, driver comfort and safety of a vehicle.

Each year, as many as 12 to 15 million windshields are replaced in North America because laminated windshield glass is not commercially recyclable. Automobile windshield replacement involves the removal and discarding of the broken windshield. With approximately 25 pounds of glass waste per windshield, this takes up significant landfill space. Additionally, it takes 15.2 million BTUs of energy to produce one ton of glass, consuming precious fossil fuels.

Windshield damage creates a weak area in the windshield. If it is not properly repaired, temperature fluctuations or road shock could cause the damage to spread making a replacement necessary.

Most of us are very conscious to the number of miles we can get on a set of tires, but few of us concern ourselves with the safety and number of miles we can get out of a windshield.

Tri-State Windshield Repair is committed to getting as many miles out of your windshield as possible. We do replace windshields, but if we can save it by repairing it, that is our top priority.

Repairing windshields negates the need to replace and discard broken parts every time a windshield is damaged. Virtually all small chips or surface cracks affect only the outer layer of the windshield and can be restored to a like new condition. Most rock chips and cracks up to 24 can be repaired using special equipment and glass repair resin.

The repair process is fast, convenient, retains the factory seal of the windshield and is better for the environment. It does not require removal of the windshield, and permanently restores the structural integrity of the windshield. Common windshield damage can be permanently repaired in less than an hour, and it will look great.